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Within the past few days, several posts have been made in regards to there not being enough information on the site. I would like to start by saying that as the gaming tournament gets closer, there will be more questions, but at the same time, those few 2nd year students also will be getting more stressed out. I can personally testify that they are stressed and are not slacking. They are spending their free time working on getting things setup. Below will be a long, detailed list of information for the gaming tournament that will answer mostly all questions you should have. **Should you have anymore questions, please message any forum admin and we will answer within 36 hours. Thanks**

Gaming Tournament Information::::
When, What Time, and Where:

February 20, 2009, 5:00 PM-10:00 PM at the Chesterfield Technical Center
$15 for CS:S entry at the door (I recommend registering online even though the early registration discount is over after Feb. 6th.) $5 or $4 + 1 can of food for the VA Food Bank for any spectators. Spectators will have the opportunity to not only watch the CS:S tournament, but will have access to any console systems that are setup. Also spectators can win door prizes just like the CS:S participants!
CS:S Details:
YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER! CS:S WILL BE PROVIDED! There will be a small number of PCs set up for anyone who has technical difficulties or for a couple of people who may forget to bring their PC. I recommend not relying on these to be setup, as they are not the best for gaming on. You can enter in teams of 5. Anyone not registered on a team, will be randomly placed with others to form new teams. The overall way the tournament will run will be determined once there is a definite number of registrants, however it will definitely be some kind of mix between Teams and Free-For-All.
There will be concession stands setup that will be selling things like: Chips, popcorn, candy, soda, and a few other things. Music will be played on a "shuffle" mode. Please note that the music that will be played MUST be appropriate for Schools and must meet the regulations for Chesterfield County Public Schools. Also, the snack and drink machines will be cut off, so do not plan on getting snacks/drinks from them.
Console Games:
There will be consoles games setup to create not only a competitive atmosphere, but also a fun atmosphere for those casual gamers! Some games you may see include Guitar Hero, Brawl, Madden, and other games. Spectators are allowed to hop on console games! There will not be a "tournament" per say for the console games.The consoles are here for those spectators and CS:S players that may not make it to the next round.
Prizes are not being announced yet, but they are being donated by our sponsors: Geek Squad and Velocity Micro. There will be over $1000 total in prizes donated by our sponsors.

ONCE AGAIN, please be patient and message anyone of the admins with any questions. There were only a few 2nd year students to take the initiative to get things on a roll on their own. They have SO much to accomplish and just a little less then 2 weeks to accomplish them! If you have any other specific questions, try messaging us and wait up to 36 hours for a reply!

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