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Status Update! Empty Status Update!

Post by TopGun_C on Thu 22 Jan 2009, 11:03 pm

Everything is falling into place as we speak!

The equipment that we need for the tournament is in the process of being delivered to CTC by Scott Clayton, our Cisco Representative.

The network diagram is complete, after a few modifications by myself and Mr. Heath.

Details in regards to Tournament Game Play WILL be posted... As soon as Andrew remembers to post them!

Electricity has been taken care of and the Electricity class at the Tech Center will be helping us out.

Security will be provided by the Criminal Justice class at the Tech Center. Mr. Hevener (spelling?) might not need help because he's making this a grade for his class.

Food and Drinks are either taken care of or still need some work, I will post more information about this when I iron out the details.

The website is up and running (duh).

Registration is up and running! But Eli will be changing the way the registration is handled. This will not affect any current registrants!

I'm sure Ms. Noe and/or Ms. Lester will have one, but if anyone is willing to bring a camera to the event, please do so!! I will try to borrow my dad's high def camera.

The fliers have been made and are in the process of being approved by administration (it'll be a piece of cake). I will need volunteers to help distribute these fliers to all the high schools! PM me if you're interested.

The game servers and DHCP/web server is being programmed/built by Eli so if anyone is interested in possibly helping out Eli, PM him (2nd year kids know that Eli is crazy with this stuff, but not 1st years so he might not need much help; if any, it would be the physical set up).

To First Years: Most of the volunteer work will be needed the day of the gaming tournament. Basically meaning that you will help out with the physical set up and tear down of the whole ordeal. Meaning tables/chairs, network equipment.... etc. (you get the idea).

More information is to come! Please feel free to PM me or J0NG with ideas for the tournament!!!

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